Chesnutt Privacy & Cookie Policy

Updated May 27, 2022

Cookies. The Web site currently does not place "cookies" on your computer. Some third-party sites may do so, however, in order to provide their services when you click on sertain links from some of our pages. See "Other Sites" section, below.

Privacy. We do not ask readers of this site for any personal information in order to read our pages, nor do we store any information from or about individual users on our server. We do not collect, share, exchange, or sell email addresses on behalf of any third parties.

Security. Because we neither ask for nor keep private information of any kind on our Web server, only pages intended to be viewable by everyone, we do not operate the host in encrypted mode nor do we have any need for a security certificate.

Other Sites. Some of our pages contain links that take you to other Web sites that are not hosted by us, and are not subject to our privacy policies (for example: Google searches, news and weather pages, road information, etc). Those sites will have cookie and privacy policies of their own, which you should review before continuing to use their services.

One of the third-party sites that uses cookies, for example, is AuctionZip. When you click to view a sale listing from our Auctions page, that listin appears in our window but is actually served by AuctionZip. After a certain number of visits, Firefox and other newer browsers may become suspicious of these cookies and block them, with or without your permission. We believe these cookies to be safe and important to the proper functioning of AuctionZip's service to our users, but the choice is yours.

Modification. We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time. It is possible in future that we might implement services which would require user registration and/or cookies in order to work, such as online bidding. If we ever make such a change, this page will be updated to reflect appropriate new policies for your protection. You will be made aware of any such changes in two ways:

Thanks for reading our pages. We hope these visits are enjoyable for you.

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